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A worldwide brand

A brand recognized all over the world – Vodafone. Share with us the success of a brand recognized all over the world for its core values and customer relations.

Vodafone Group is a mobile telecommunications company with great global presence. In March 2012, Vodafone had a base of 404 million customers in over 30 countries, with brand presence in over 40 countries through partner networks.

In an increasingly connected world, our focus on convergence between mobile, computer, and internet, allows us to create the conditions so that customers use the services they are accustomed to, regardless of the form of access, and with a simple, transparent user experience.

We are leaders in defining voice and data mobile services all over the world, we believe in change, and we constantly bet on innovation.

Vodafone Brazil and Datora

Vodafone Brazil bases its activity and strategy on differentiation. This is the essential foundation of our competitiveness, distinguished mainly by a constant concern to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them with innovative and unexpected experiences.

Datora Telecom is a Brazilian multinational telecommunications company that has been offering innovative telephony solutions for 20 years, and is the company that brought Vodafone to Brazil.

Pioneer in providing VoIP services in Latin America, it was the first Brazilian company to apply for and receive licenses to become a MVNA - Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator. As an aggregator, the company has the ability to structure and manage the operation of various MVNO - mobile virtual operators. In 2011, we launched the first MVNO in Brazil; in 2012, we launched the second one, Datora Mobile, which is totally focused on M2M. It also operates in the multiservices area: wholesale, corporate, and retail. The company is headquartered in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and operates in the United States, Guatemala and Spain, being also present in England and Chile.

Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communication companies, and Datora Telecom, a Brazilian multinational telecommunications company, announced a partnership to operate in Brazil, the fourth largest mobile market in the world.

And Vodafone Brazil was born.


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  1. 01 de Outubro de 2013

    Vodafone vai atuar em voz e dados no país.

    Grupo britânico chega ao Brasil em parceria com a Datora para oferecer comunicação entre máquinas.

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